Cheapest 1440p 144Hz monitors in 2022

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Best Monitors for the Xbox Series X

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Best 38-inch Ultrawide Monitors in 2022

The fame of ultrawide monitors is skyrocketing these days because many people are deciding to leave a multi-monitor setup due to their cable mess and transition to a single wider option. But ultrawide monitors are further divided into three size brackets – 34-inch, 38-inch, and 49-inch. We found 38-inch as the perfect balance between size … Read more

Best HDMI 2.1 Monitors for the PS5

The release of the latest PS5 console by Sony brought many changes not just in specs, but in the peripherals that you can effectively use it with. Unlike the PS4 which only provides rough upscaling through 1080p and 4K and locked to just 30 FPS, we now have true 1080p, and relatively true 4K resolution … Read more

Best Portable USB-C Monitors 2022

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Best Ultrawide Monitors for Productivity [2022]

Let’s admit it, even though a multi-monitor setup can win your heart in multitasking, it can also be equally as bothersome. For instance, dual-monitors can double cable management, calibration, and adjustment efforts. Not everyone has a lot of time or patience to adjust and match the settings of their monitors in Windows. Nor does everyone … Read more

Best OLED Gaming Monitors and TVs [2022]

Even though IPS displays are far more standard nowadays, they still aren’t even close to the superior Color Gamut, better viewing angles, power efficiency, and black levels that OLED possess. But beware, only someone who wields deep pockets can get their hands on an OLED monitor. Regardless of breaking the bank, many gamers find it a … Read more